About Us

AutoChem Pte Ltd was established in 2008 by a group of chemists for the purpose of providing solutions to chemistry problems and challenges. AutoChem's services enable clients to accelerate their chemistry programs and research through utilisation of the unique skills, knowledge and products of AutoChem's expert team - comprises several expert synthetic and medicinal chemists, computational chemists, biologists and engineers.

AutoChem offers unique chemical cores, building blocks, synthetic intermediates and libraries of drug-like molecules to fuel your drug discovery and development projects. AutoChem provides our clients with the most attractive pricing and best-in-class services.

While the underlying science in organic synthesis continues to evolve, the way in which chemistry is performed in the laboratory has changed surprisingly little. With a strong team of chemists, engineers and lead consultants, AutoChem offers solutions to accelerate our clientsí chemistry development through our innovative microreactor, F4.

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